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MaltoseOther Names: Glucose Type: Enzyme Preparations Maltose: more than 50% Appearance: liquid no visible impurities De valu
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Other Names: Glucose
Type: Enzyme Preparations
Maltose: more than 50%
Appearance: liquid no visible impurities
De value: 38-65
PH: 5.5-7
Dry solid: 75%-85%
boiling temperature: more than 150
Packed: Plastic drum/metal drum


what is the molecular formula for maltose?

maltose molecular formula(maltose formula) is C12H22O11.

what is maltose(what is malt sugar)?

maltose definition(definition maltose), also known as maltobiose or malt sugar, is a sugar produced by the breakdown of starch. It’s created in seeds and other parts of plants as they break down their stored energy in order to sprout. Thus, foods like cereals, certain fruits and sweet potatoes contain naturally high amounts of this maltose sugar.

Even though maltose is less sweet than table sugar and fructose, it has long been used in hard maltose candy and frozen desserts because of its unique tolerance to heat and cold. Also, to extend shelf life. With concern growing over the negative impact of high-fructose corn syrup, many food manufacturers are switching to high maltose syrup, because it doesn’t contain fructose. Is this a healthy switch? It’s time to take a closer look at this lesser-known sweetener.


Is maltose a monosaccharide? Is maltose a disaccharide? Is maltose a reducing sugar?

Is maltose a carbohydrate.Maltose is a disaccharide(maltose disaccharide) and a reducing sugar.Maltose is a simple carbohydrate.


where is maltose found?

Maltose is a malt component, a substance obtained when the grain is softened in water and germinate. It is also present in highly variable quantities in partially hydrolyzed starch products like maltodextrincorn syrup and acid-thinned starch.It is also created by plants when their seeds begin to sprout and by our guts when we consume starch.


what is maltose made(up) of?what is the composition of maltose?


Maltose is made up of just glucose, not fructose, it might be slightly healthier than table sugar. However, no research has investigated the effects of substituting fructose for maltose, and more research is needed.


Maltose consists of glucose and fructose, linked by a double glycosidic bond between carbon 1 of α glucose and carbon 2 of β-fructose. Both groups, aldehyde and ketone, are blocked and the disaccharide does not have reducing characteristics.


Is maltose bad for you?

Maltose does not contain fructose like table sugar does. So replacing table sugar with maltose in your diet will help you avoid the known health implications of too much fructose. Research is limited, but the health effects of maltose are likely similar to those of other sugars. Thus, the moderate consumption of maltose does not cause harm.


However, the effects of maltose on health have not been studied well.