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Chemical name: GelatinAlias:GelatineCAS.: 9000-70-8EINECS No.:232-554-6Chemical Formula: C102H151O39N31Appearance: Light Yell
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Chemical name: Gelatin
CAS.: 9000-70-8
EINECS No.:232-554-6
Chemical Formula: C102H151O39N31
Appearance: Light Yellow Color
Grade: Food grade
Application:Food additive -Thickener
Shelf Life:  24 Months

what is gelatin?

Gelatin (or gelatine) is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless solid substance, derived from the collagen mainly inside pig skin (hide) and cattle bones. It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, pharmaceuticals, photography, and cosmetic manufacturing. Substances containing gelatin or functioning in a similar way are called gelatinous. Gelatin is an irreversibly hydrolysed form of collagen, and is classified as a foodstuff. It is found in some gummy candies as well as other products such as marshmallows, gelatin dessert, and some ice cream and yogurt. Household gelatin comes in the form of sheets, granules, or powder.

What is the usage of gelatin?

Eggs in aspicGelatin is used for the clarification of juices, such as apple juice, and of vinegar. Isinglass, from the swim bladders of fish, is still used as a fining agent for wine and beer.Beside hartshorn jelly, from deer antlers, isinglass was one of the oldest sources of gelatin.