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About WanYou


Cangzhou Wanyou New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on high-tech R & D, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, medical care and daily chemical products.

Relying on independent research and development, the company has established technical advantages in the fields of pharmaceutical intermediates, daily chemical products and conventional chemical products, broken the technology and market monopoly of foreign giant companies in China, and become a domestic enterprise that can realize mass production of a variety of chemical and medical products. At present, the company can supply a variety of new materials in batches and stably in China.

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and GB / T 29490 intellectual property management system standard implementation certification. Its core products have passed EU RoHS and reach environmental protection certification, UL yellow card certification and provincial high-tech product certification. It has independently developed more than 20 patents and proprietary technologies. It has successively won the honors of national high-tech enterprise, national excellent innovation and entrepreneurship enterprise, the first place in the new material industry in Hebei division of the Sixth China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the second prize in the new material industry in Cangzhou division growth group of the Sixth China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and Cangzhou small giant enterprise of scientific and technological innovation.                    

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MOB/TEL: +86-15097376508