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API exports are strong, with sales increasing by more than 40%

Author:Amy2022-02-14 21:18:47

   API refers to the raw materials used for the production of various preparations, which are the active ingredients in the preparations, powders, crystals and extracts prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology and used for medicinal purposes. Since 2017, China has become one of the world's major API producers and exporters. Statistics show that in 2020, there are about 1300 API enterprises above designated size included in statistics, with the total output of API exceeding 2 million tons and the operating revenue of nearly 400 billion yuan, accounting for 16% of the total pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

     After years of development, API has become the advantage of China's pharmaceutical industry to participate in international competition. It is worth mentioning that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the global pharmaceutical industry chain has been impacted, which further enhances the strategic position of China's API industry. At the same time, the export orders of many Chinese API enterprises also began to increase, and the sales quantity and revenue of API showed a substantial increase.


    Recently, it was reported that Cangzhou Wanyou New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. 's API export orders increased significantly in November, and the sales volume and sales revenue of API realized double growth. Among them, vitamin, amino acid, antibiotics and other three kinds of API market performance is strong, sales volume, sales revenue increased by more than 40%. It is worth mentioning that since October this year, nearly 10 API products of Wanyou New Material have passed the quality audit of 12 important customers at home and abroad. From the customer quality audit intensive point of view, fully reflects the enterprise's current marketing demand growth.

It is understood that, as an important domestic drug production and export base, Wanyou New Material has been accelerating the optimization of the existing product sales structure, actively promote the integration of relevant product business segments, to provide customers with solutions, make sales and market close connection, so that the company's API truly market-oriented. At present, Wanyou New Material is also actively exploring the international API market, accelerating the registration of products in Asia, Europe and South America and other regions to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, which is expected to lay a solid foundation for API export sales in 2022.

In general, China is one of the main API producers and exporters in the world, and the export scale is expanding day by day. Affected by this, the export volume of the whole API industry is also growing steadily, and the export performance of relevant enterprises is also rising accordingly. However, it should be noted that most of China's API manufacturers are private enterprises. These enterprises are not only small in scale, but also have weak research and development capabilities. They are mainly engaged in bulk API production, and generally lack investment in technological research and innovation. Therefore, in the context of the continuous development of China's API industry, domestic API enterprises should also seize this opportunity to actively explore the API market in other countries, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the domestic API industry, and better meet the needs of overseas customers.