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Thiourea is an organic sulfur-containing compound with molecular formula CH4N2S. The crystal is white and shiny with bitter taste. The density is 1.41 g/cm and the melting point is 176-178. It is used as a raw material in the manufacture of medicine, dyes,resins,molding powders, etc.Also used as rubber vulcanization accelerator, metal mineral flotation agent. Hydrogen sulfide reacts with lime slurry to produce calcium hydrogen sulfide, which reacts with calcium cyanamide.  

      Material Application:


Synthetic methionine and other raw materials.Used as dyes and dyeing auxiliaries,  reasins and press powder raw materials.It can also be used as  rubber vulcanization accelerator, metal mineral flotation agent, catalyst for the preparation of phthalic anhydride and fumaric acid, metal corrosion inhibitor.In photographic materials,can be used as a developer and toner. It can also be used in electroplating industry. Thiourea is also used in diazo photosensitive paper, synthetic resin coatings, anion exchange reasins,budding agents, fungicides and many other aspects. Thiourea is also used as fertilizer, raw material for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, dyes, resins, molding powder, rubber vulcanization accelerator, metal mineral flotation agent,etc.



Matters need attention


Summary of dangerous


Health hazard:A small toxicity,repeated inhibition of thyroid and hematopoietic organ function.Can cause allergic reactions. It can be absorbed through the skin. The drug is irritating to the eyes and upper respiratory tract, causing coughing and chest discomfort after inhalation. Oral irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.Chronic influence:Headache, drowsiness,weakness,pallor,facial swelling, decreased basal metabolism,decreased blood pressure,slow pulse, leukopenia,etc.Skin damage,itching,sweaty palms,dermatitis,chap,etc.


    Environmental harm:have a harmful effect on the environment 


   Explosion hazard: This product is flammable,toxic and irritating.

   Emergency treatment

  Skin exposure:Remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin thoroughly with soapy water and clean water.

   Eye contact:Lift eyelid, rinse with running water or normal saline. Go to a doctor.

   Inhalation:Leave the scene quickly and get some fresh air.Keep airway open.If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops,give artificial respiration immediately. Go to a doctor.

   Ingestion:Drink plenty of warm water to induce vomiting. Go to a doctor.

   Emergency treatment of leakage.

   First aidIsolate contaminated areas from leaks and restrict access.

   A small leak:Use a clean spatula to collect in a dry,clean,covered container.

  A large number of leaks: Collect, recycle or transport to waste disposal site for disposal.